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Advocating For A Fair Child Custody Arrangement

Determining a child custody arrangement can be contentious; however, a skilled attorney can guide you to a long-term solution that works for the whole family. At Rolsch Law Offices, we help clients throughout southeastern Minnesota formulate custody plans that take your family’s unique needs into account and are in the best interests of the children.

For long-term harmony, it is usually best to determine an arrangement that both parents can agree to. With over 30 years of legal experience in family law, attorney Steve Rolsch has the skill and experience to facilitate workable child custody arrangements. We will carefully analyze your situation and discuss your custody goals before suggesting a beneficial plan.

Types Of Custody

When you determine a custody arrangement, you will have to decide on two types of custody, legal and physical. Legal custody determines which parent(s) have decision-making authority over their children’s upbringing, including:

  • Religious background and participation
  • Daycare choices
  • Health care decisions
  • Educational choices

Physical custody determines where the child will primarily live. Their home will likely determine the school they attend and their social network. While the courts tend to favor a joint custody arrangement, this is not always possible. If one parent has sole physical custody of the child, the other parent is usually given visitation rights.

Agreements And Responsibilities

Parents may negotiate or mediate their custody agreements. This system allows your family the maximum amount of control in creating a plan that works for you. However, if you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement, a judge can make a decision on your behalf. When the court decides, the judge consider several factors before creating an arrangement that is in the best interests of the child. Factors that may impact custody decisions include:

  • Whether either parent has a history of domestic violence or abuse
  • Which parent has contributed to the bulk of the parenting responsibilities to this point
  • The capability of each parent to care for the child, taking their physical, mental and financial states into account
  • Which arrangement can least disrupt the child’s day-to-day life: school, friends and activities

Joint legal and physical custody is easiest when both parents happily agree to the arrangement. If parents collaborate on a solution, they can work together to develop a parenting plan that formally divides the responsibilities and time with the children. We can help you through this process, offering suggestions for a successful plan.

Enforcement And Modification

If one parent fails to honor the custody arrangement, our firm can help you evaluate your available options, including court involvement.

Your family’s circumstances may change overtime. Your original custody arrangement may no longer work a few years after your divorce. If this is the case, Rolsch Law Offices can help you formally apply for modification of custody orders. Keep in mind that you cannot alter the arrangement without court approval.

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Negotiations about the children’s upbringing and support can be emotional and become unproductive without an experienced professional to guide you.

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