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Protecting Your Child’s Future From Juvenile Charges

If your son or daughter is in trouble with the law, you may not know where to turn. The thought of your child being labeled as a criminal can be overwhelming as you worry about the impact this could have on their future.

As a defense firm with over 30 years of experience representing Minnesotans facing juvenile charges, Rolsch Law Offices can guide your family through this frightening experience. We understand how to form a strong strategy that can secure the best possible results for your child. Whether this involves negotiating with the state or representing your child in juvenile court, we will fight tirelessly to ensure that their future remains bright.

Our goal is to protect your child’s educational and career opportunities. We believe a youthful mistake should not derail their life.

What Should You Expect From The Juvenile Justice System?

Juvenile courts have different procedures and rules than typical Minnesota courts that address criminal charges. Any minors arrested and detained by law enforcement must receive a hearing within 24 to 48 hours of their detainment. Usually, the court then releases minors to the custody of their parents or a juvenile care shelter.

Your child must then admit to or deny the charge against them. If they admit to the offense, the case will go to a disposition hearing. During the hearing, a judge will determine your child’s sentence. If your child denies the offense, the case will go to trial. Unlike traditional courts, these trials remain private and are usually held before a judge instead of a jury.

Keep Your Child Out Of Juvenile Detention

The juvenile justice system can harshly penalize offenders, but it prefers to help wayward youth get back on the path to a promising future. Rolsch Law Offices is devoted to working with the prosecution and the judge to keep your child out of juvenile detention. We strive to obtain dropped or reduced charges, reduced sentencing or alternative sentencing like rehabilitation programs and community service.

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