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5 FAQ about juvenile shoplifting charges

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Shoplifting is a serious matter, especially when it involves juveniles.

In Minnesota, the consequences for young individuals caught shoplifting can be impactful and long-lasting. A shoplifting charge often comes with many questions.

1. What are the potential consequences?

Consequences for juvenile shoplifting can vary, but they often include community service, educational programs and restitution to the store. In more severe cases, the juvenile may face probation, and the court may involve their parents in the resolution process.

2. Can police detain a juvenile for shoplifting?

Yes, in certain situations, there may be cause to detain a juvenile caught shoplifting. Certain factors influence the decision, such as the juvenile’s prior record, the value of the stolen items and the circumstances surrounding the incident.

3. What role can parents play in the process?

Parents play an important role in addressing juvenile shoplifting cases. They may need to attend court hearings, participate in counseling or education programs with their child, and ensure compliance with any court-ordered sanctions.

4. Can a shoplifting incident impact a juvenile’s future?

Yes, a juvenile shoplifting incident can have long-term consequences. A record of delinquency may affect the juvenile’s ability to secure employment, obtain scholarships or pursue certain careers in the future.

5. Are there alternatives to court proceedings?

Minnesota provides alternative resolutions, such as diversion programs, for first-time offenders. These programs focus on education and community involvement rather than formal court proceedings. This approach recognizes that juveniles may benefit more from guidance than punishment.

In 2022, juveniles accounted for 9.3% of larceny arrests in Minnesota, the majority of which were shoplifting offenses. While facing charges is overwhelming, every case is different.