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How much do insurance rates increase after a Minnesota DUI/DWI?

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2023 | Criminal Defense

When authorities in Minnesota pull you over and charge you with driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence, quite a bit depends on whether that charge winds up leading to a conviction. If it does, you may have to serve time behind bars. You may, too, lose your license for a period of time and face financial repercussions related to your drunk driving charge.

While some of the expenses you may face in the wake of a Minnesota DUI or DWI involve bail and tow fees, among others, you should also expect your insurance rates to skyrocket in the aftermath of a drunk driving conviction.

How much of an increase to expect

While every driver’s record is different, the average Minnesota driver who gets a first-time DWI or DUI charge ends up having his or her insurance rates climb by 88%. Say you were paying somewhere in the vicinity of $1,339 for insurance coverage before your arrest for drinking and driving. After you get a conviction for drinking and driving, you are looking at paying closer to $2,522 to insure yourself driving, which amounts to an annual increase of $1,183.

How to find the lowest rate available to you

Some insurance companies may decide they do not want to cover you at all once you have a drunk driving offense in your background. Even if yours does continue to cover you, it may not offer the lowest rate available. Some insurance companies are more forgiving when it comes to DWIs and DUIs than others, so try asking several providers to give you quotes before deciding which one you want to insure you.

How far into your background an insurance company looks when deciding how much to charge you also varies by the insurer.